Ebit AB


Honst Brand Compass™
Brand Identity
Graphic Profile Development
Communication Concept Development
Website Development


Ida Greverius
Jakob Hellström
Christopher Schauz
Ellinor Hellberg

Our engagement began as a website development project but quickly evolved into a full-scale branding initiative, resulting in a distinctive transformation. Ebit has now gone from a traditional accounting firm to a dynamic and innovative financial advisory brand that transcends geographical constraints.



Ebit has successfully rebranded, achieving location independence and enabling business establishment anywhere.


The company has carved a unique niche in their market segment, distinguishing itself from traditional accounting firms.

Ebit has become a more appealing employer, able to attract talent aligned with its innovative and personal approach.

We developed a new visual identity and tone of voice that reflects Ebit’s personal and innovative nature. This included a fresh logo, color palette, typography, and messaging.


We partnered up with Wirke to create a website that showcases Ebit’s services and brand personality, ensuring a seamless user experience and strong online presence.


There was a stark contrast between Ebit’s desired brand identity and its existing corporate image. The original name, “Ekonomibyrån i Tranås AB,” reflected its origins in a Swedish town, limiting its perception as a local entity rather than a dynamic, innovative firm with broad ambitions. We’re happy to have helped Ebit to distinguish themselves as more than just a standard accounting firm, highlighting their unique personality and cutting edge services.