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Sebastian Lindholm
Amanda Rönn
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We’re beyond proud to act as Asecs’s external Marketing Department. A mission that’s come to involve modernizing Asecs’ visual identity and establishing its brand presence on social media while enhancing its existing brand strategy.

The visual refresh aimed to address the discrepancy between Asecs’ desired perception as a bold and evolving brand and its actual, more dated and playful visual identity. We’re working to reposition Asecs as a natural alternative to bigger cities, emphasizing the brand values of “variation,” “evolution,” and “revolution.”


+5 595 672

impressions through organic social media in one year.


total number of visitors in one year.


total turnover in one year.


total brand searches on Google that resulted in click over a two year period.

We’ve streamlined the broad, playful graphic profile into a bolder, clearer design with fewer colors and stronger typography. A new pattern was created to match premium segment tenants, and an illustrative style was developed to facilitate pre-event marketing. The monogram in the logo was liberated as a decorative signal for Asecs. 


The content strategy for TikTok focuses on brand-building concepts. This effort started out in 2023 with the popular Easter Hunt event, which was later nominated for the Marketing Campaign of the Year by NCSC Sweden Awards.

+3 849 500

organic impressions in less than one year.

+223 700

likes on TikTok in less than one year.

+7 600

followers on TikTok in less than one year.


Nowadays, Asecs is the top performing brand in its industry in Sweden considering organic reach and engagement on Instagram and TikTok.

+1 710 558

accounts reached organically on Instagram in one year.

+12 500

followers on Instagram in less than three years.

+21 500

downloads of the app Asecs Friends in three years.

We developed a coherent approach to external communication, ensuring Asecs’ messaging would reinforce and enhance the environment without competing with tenant profiles. This included posters, digital ads, indoor banners, and façade screens.

We translated the brand values into “big,” “bold,” and “creative,” shifting Asecs from a small-town mall to a vibrant and modern commercial and social hub. All while ensuring a consistent and impactful visual identity.